Campaign: Search for the seal ... Invest in yourself

Purpose: The Association of Products Made in Puerto Rico had not launched an advertising campaign in the last 11 years. Given the economic situation that Puerto Rico is going through, it was important to send a message to consumers about the impact on the economy of picking products and services made in Puerto Rico. The message was a simple one: Search for the seal ... Invest in yourself. For every dollar purchase of products and services made in Puerto Rico, seventy cents remains in the economy. The campaign was backed by the government, business associations and private enterprise. There was an increase of 7-10% in the selection of products made in Puerto Rico during the period from August to December 2007 and more companies are using the label Made in Puerto Rico in their products and services.

Advertising Media: National Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV, Billboards, Fuel Ads, Bus Shelters, Email blast, Internet page, among others

Other: Promotions in supermarkets, department stores and mega stores (Shelf Talker, Shoppers and Banners).


Radio ad with Cordelia González

TV Ads

TV ad with Raymond Arrieta